Lisa Nackan - Art Therapy
Work Experience
Planned, implemented and facilitated Art Therapy programme for immigrant children
Baycrest Project
Multifaceted project combining artwork, multi-media and education centred around life
experiences of Holocaust survivors related through the eyes of Grade 6 students
Family Art Therapy sessions to allow mother and children to reconnect and focus on
positive attributes after a long history of abuse
Drewry Secondary School
Students - multiple exceptionality, developmental delay, physical / hearing disability
Plan, implement and run groups successfully with fellow student, (one-on-one where
necessary), issues such as communication, gender, disability, grief and loss
Gardiner Ceramics Museum/Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic Project
Collaborative Art Therapy Project with Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic and
Gardiner Ceramics Museum for woman who have experienced violence/abuse/trauma
Giving voice to experiences through clay, culminating in a public art exhibition
Neighbourhood Diaries
Collaboration with local artists and writers to empower inner city youth to share their
The resultant multi-media exhibition was at Harbourfront Centre
Rainbow of Hope Camp
Planned, implemented and co-facilitated art therapy programme for children who have
experienced trauma and/or abuse
Sir Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School
Planned, implemented and co-facilitated weekly Art Therapy group for Grade 9 students
In a specialized special-needs class (learning disabled, vision impaired students)
Thornhill Woods Primary School - Art Therapy Group for Children with Anaphylaxis
Planned and facilitated group on Anaphylaxis and Anxiety
Implemented “anaphylaxis through the eyes of a child” exhibit at York Central Hospital
and Sick Kids Hospital to create awareness and broaden understanding of Anaphylaxis
Wellsprings Cancer Centre, Niagara
Open Art Therapy group for cancer patients in all stages of disease/recovery
Lisa Nackan BA DTATI 
Thornhill, Ontario
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